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Kota Lukut, Port Dickson

Kota Lukut is a small part of Port Dickson in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsula Malaysia. Not many people are familiar with the name Lukut, and may even wonder what’s there. Kota Lukut is actually a small township in between Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan and Port Dickson town, where all the beach resorts are located.

In the past, anyone who was travelling from the Klang Valley for a short sojourn to the beach town of Port Dickson had to pass through Lukut. Lukut town has a fascinating history and was developed by a certain Raja Busu, who was a member of the Selangor royal family in 1824. Tin was discovered in the area, and Raja Busu encouraged Chinese migrants from nearby Melaka to settle down in the area and work the tin mines.

Today the Lukut town is slowly being developed, and there isn’t just one row of wooden shophouses anymore. If you ever find yourself curiously drawn here, these are the attractions and things you’ll want to fill your time with.

1. Drop By Kota Lukut Lukut

Fort and Museum is a well preserved historical destination that you just can’t miss. The fort was built in the mid-1800s as a security post by Raja Jumaat, who took over the running of Lukut from its founder Raja Busu. The fort was essential in securing the safety of tin mining activities in the area, as well as monitoring incoming ships. You’ll be able to learn more about the history of Lukut, as well as see artifacts from the VOC Nassau, a Dutch ship that sank off the coast of Port Dickson in the 1600s.

2. Lukut Food Galore

Locals in Negeri Sembilan know Lukut as a haven for delicious seafood, and here you’ll find restaurants that have been around for decades. Visit any one of the Chinese seafood eateries that line the coast, and you’ll be rewarded with fresh fish, clams, prawns, and crabs cooked in each restaurant’s own signature style. Be sure your server for the ‘Chiu Pai’ or in-house specialty so that you can savor the best that Lukut seafood has to offer.

3. Try Your Hand at Fishing

If fishing is part of your hobby, you’ll be glad to know that Lukut is full of great fishing spots, and is a favorite spot for enthusiasts that prefer to go further out from the coast but still enjoy calm and restive seas. The most popular fishing spot would be Kelong Mahmud, which you can reach by renting any fishing boat from Kuala Lukut. You can even bring your catch to the nearest seafood restaurant you find, and they’ll gladly cook it in any way you want, for a small fee.

4. A Quiet Walk Around Town

Lukut town has many rows of shops that date back several decades, and you can take leisurely walks around these shops to see what’s being sold. Drop by the local grocery store or ‘Kedai Runcit’ for a taste of how life is like in a typical Malaysian small town. You’ll never know what rare items you may spot which will remind you of a bygone era.

5. Visit the 3D Museum and Wild West Cowboy Town

Lukut has some small theme parks which are great for kids if you happen to be travelling with young ones. Here you’ll find plenty of great photo opportunities, and there are also interactive multimedia shows to enjoy. The Wild West Cowboy Town even has a small roller coaster and a giant swinging pirate ship.

Lukut may be a lesser known destination compared to nearby Port Dickson, but it is no less interesting. You can head on down to Lukut, Malaysia for a taste of warm hospitality with a touch of rustic and sentimental charm.

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