Lexis Hotel Group Paving The Way To Sustainable Hospitality With RiceStraws™

Published December 28, 2022

Steadfastly dedicated to reshaping the future of local hospitality through eco-friendly best practises that minimize environmental impact while boosting awareness on the importance of nature’s preservation, Lexis Hotel Group is constantly putting nature first through its partnership with Origo Eco to introduce  RiceStraws™, a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws.

Made locally in Malaysia, these 100% consumable and compostable RiceStraws™, ™, which are vegan, halal-certified and 100% chemical free, are made completely from natural food ingredients, including broken rice flour, tapioca starch, fruit and vegetables.

RiceStraws™ are also scientifically proven to decompose in less than 60 days upon disposal, leaving absolutely zero carbon footprint and pollution on the environment! Going the extra mile, Lexis Hotel Group also practices zero waste by converting used RiceStraws™ into compost, at all Lexis hotels and resorts.