“Red Storm” at Lexis Hibiscus & Grand Lexis Port Dickson

News 2019 - Screening Day of 'Red Storm' | Lexis® Hotel Group

The Lexis Hotel Group team was amongst the first few lucky souls who were given the honour to catch Malaysian action movie director-- Michael Chuah’s latest action-packed masterpiece—"Red Storm” on the big screen, days before its officially release in cinemas everywhere. The film showcases some of the most talented casts from China, Malaysia and Singapore, including Zhang Bo Nan, Henry Thia, Venice Min, Li Ai Jin, Henley Hii, Tony Eusoff and many more. 

Many adrenaline-rushing scenes from the movie were shot at Lexis Hibiscus & Grand Lexis Port Dickson, so expect to see plenty of your vacation backdrops in “Red Storm”, only this time, in massive heart-pumping death-defying stunt sequences. Lexis Hotel Group is a firm supporter of the creative industry and has always worked hand in hand with both local and international television and film production teams to bring forth the best entertainment experience to audiences everywhere, especially by providing scenic shooting locations at our luxurious resorts.