Lexis Hotel Group Pave the Way to Sustainable Hospitality with 100% Natural RiceStraws™

Collage of a hand watering a plant and marine animals used at Imperial Lexis Kuala Lumpur

Steadfastly dedicated to reshaping the future of local hospitality through eco-friendly best practises that minimise environmental impact while boosting awareness on the importance of nature’s preservation, Lexis Hotel Group is constantly putting nature first by upgrading the single-use biodegradable straws that had been used at our hotels and resorts to 100% consumable and biodegradable RiceStraws™ that are even more friendly to the environment.

Made locally in Malaysia, RiceStraws™ are made completely from natural food ingredients, including broken rice flour, tapioca starch, fruit and vegetables, making them not only 100% chemical free and environmentally friendly, but above all, 100% edible, vegan and halal certified!

RiceStraws™ are also scientifically proven to totally biodegrade in less than 60 days upon disposal, leaving absolutely zero carbon footprint and pollution on the environment! Going the extra mile, used RiceStraws™ from all Lexis hotels and resorts will not be disposed of in the same manner that single-use plastic straws would and end up in landfill for an extended period of time, but instead buried in our soil as an eco-friendlier approach to fertilise the trees within the compound of our hotels and resorts.