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Wave Dining

Lexis Hibiscus® Port Dickson - Wave Dining Restaurant


Boasting a contemporary design and marvelous views of the ocean and overwater villas, Wave Dining features modern western cuisine, with an emphasis on chef recommended specialties. Rise and shine to a brunch, with a variety of homemade pastries, preserves, cold press juices and selection of mains. Cocktails are served in the evening, while come nightfall, diners can sample our executive chef’s degustation menu.

Capacity: 72 pax
Climate: Air-conditioned
Menu Style: A La Carte

Lighthouse Club, 2nd Floor

06 - 660 2626

Opening Hours:
7.00am till 10.30am (Breakfast)
5.00pm till 7.00pm (Cocktail)
7.00pm till 11.00pm (Dinner)

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