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Musang King Durian Cendol

What better way to enjoy the exquisitely rich-tasting durian—the Musang King than to pair it with one of Malaysian’s all-time favourite traditional dessert. Listed as one of the World’s Top 50 Best Desserts by CNN, an ice-cold bowl of the delightful cendol is the perfect cool-me-down treat to enjoy during your seaside vacation.

And for a limited time only, we’re offering a luxurious upgraded version of this widely-loved local dessert with our world-known rich and aromatic Musang King. This national treasure combination is guaranteed to satisfy your durian craving and sweet tooth at the same time. You may also opt for D24 durian or just enjoy a good-old bowl of plain cendol instead. Better yet, add-on some scrumptious glutinous rice for a more savoury taste! Don’t forget to try this limited-time offer while it last!

Outlet: Coralz Bistro
Time: 5.00pm till 1.00am (daily) 
Price: RM49nett - Musang King Durian Cendol 
           RM31nett - D24 Cendol
           RM9nett - Cendol
Contact: 06 – 660 2626   Ext. 2645

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